Proginov ERP News 2017

On 18 October 2017, Proginov, a business management software publisher, won the national prize in the category "Company that cares for its employees" of the 8th Trophées RMC PME Bougeons-nous.

It was in response to a request from its employees that Proginov participated in this contest, created by Jean-Jacques Bourdin in 2010 to promote the creativity, investment, dynamism and enthusiasm of French small and medium enterprises.

A record number of 1,272 businesses registered for this edition, including 110 in the category "Company that cares for its employees". 
The Jury highlighted the well-being in the workplace which is promoted on a daily basis at Proginov through breakfasts, sports events, meals, etc. The Jury also emphasised the spirit of sharing that prevails in the company.  Since its creation by Michel Martin in 1996, Proginov chose to share with its employees: profits, capital and management. Indeed the management style is based on trust, transparency and respect for people. 

And it is Proginov's intergenerational transmission of capital which was particularly highlighted: "Value added, which is the company's wealth, is intrinsic to its make-up.  To ensure that the company's DNA is preserved, Proginov made the choice of keeping its human and financial capital within the company.  Every year, a share trading is held when all shareholders over the age of 50 must sell 1/15th of their shares to younger colleagues." says Philippe Plantive, Chairman of the Board of Directors. Although capital ownership is not compulsory, 85% of employees are shareholders of the company.  It is to be noted that the capital is 100% owned by employees and directors. 
Today, Proginov can boast of an employee turnover rate of less than 1%, far from the levels prevailing in the industry.

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