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A business model

September 2017

Proginov, a business model which is delivering growth

Paris' Porte de Versailles conference centre will play host to the latest edition of Salon Solutions from 26-28 September 2017. In the ERP section, on stand C14-E15, Proginov will be proudly represented as the Number One 100% French creator of ERP solutions. But of course, there is much more to Proginov than this prominent position. Our ambassadors at Salon Solutions will be focused on presenting our latest innovations and explaining the benefits of our growth-oriented business model.

As mergers and outsourcing continue apace in our sector, over the past three years Proginov has moved up from number three to number one in the hierarchy of French ERP firms. By French ERP firms we mean specialists that are 100% French-owned, with company headquarters and R&D facilities based in France.

For Philippe Plantive, President of the Board of Directors, this leading position is a welcome accolade, but "on another level, the fact that we are France's biggest ERP specialist with turnover of €30M in 2016 makes you think... French businesses are suffering from the inertia of baby-boomer directors who don't give enough consideration (or leave it too late) to what will happen to their companies when they're gone. As a result, many of our rivals have come under the control of investment funds. Meanwhile, we are seeing the emergence of a new generation of promising start-ups, many of whom are also likely to fall under the aegis of foreign investment funds. The end result is the same for many IT companies: in the long run, they slip out of the hands of their founders and the employees who work so hard to keep them running and thriving. As French IT specialists, should we resign ourselves to developing fantastic skills, nurturing innovative new businesses and then seeing their added value siphoned off by outside owners?"

Proginov has opted for an alternative model, ensuring that employees have a share in the company. 100% of Proginov's share capital is held by its directors and employees, with 85% of the latter owning shares. One of the advantages of this approach is that the company is not at the whim of external shareholders, whose interests may not coincide with those of our business.

"If we want research to stay in France, if we want investments and managers and capital to stay in France, if we want companies which are innovative, effective and create value, then we need to support business models which are conducive to putting down roots, to nurturing skills and to giving decent long-term prospects to our young talents, allowing them to become the driving force of our economy. " insists Philippe Plantive.

This business model has also yielded another major advantage for Proginov: growth (+51% in 5 years). Sustained and sustainable growth allows companies to pass on their values, to train new talents and to ensure that strong, innovative IT firms become a permanent fixture of the French economy. "For developers, product managers, technicians etc., working in a stable company provides the right conditions for innovation. Knowing that all employees will get a fair share of the profits in return for their efforts is a source of satisfaction every day," adds Philippe Plantive.

Contributions from the Proginov team
Members of the Proginov team will also be on hand to share their insight in some of the round-table discussion sessions.

Debate: "The Presidents' Conference: ERP leaders in France and worldwide. Looking back over 20 years of creativity"
Tuesday 26 September 15:00-16:15
Speaker: Philippe PLANTIVE (President of the Board of Directors, Proginov)

Round table: "The rise of multi-core ERP (management + AI): what does the future hold? "
Wednesday 27 September: 11:15-12:15
Speaker: Philippe PLANTIVE (President of the Board of Directors, Proginov)

Round table: "Choosing an ERP (Part 1): from the initial audit to the call for tenders, including how to draft technical specifications with or without the help of specialist consultants" (1st session)
Wednesday 27 September - 16:15-17:15
Speaker: Brice FRITSCHY (Direct Sales Manager)

Round table: "Choosing an ERP (Part 2): Choosing the right solution, partner(s), deployment strategy, settings, user training, switchover and launch processes, performance monitoring etc." (1st session)
Thursday 28 September: 15:15-16:15
Speaker: Brice FRITSCHY (Direct Sales Manager)

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