There's more to hosting than meets the eye; it's not just data storage and archiving. At Proginov, we have been providing hosting services since 2001, when we first marketed our hosted ERP solution. Our experience means that we can now offer a bundle of hosting solutions that can be scaled to meet your requirements, offering maximum security and availability.

Global architecture

Virtual servers running in clusters at our two datacentres

Latest-generation firewall for maximum protection

WAN access via private network or by Internet

Cutting-edge technology featuring 100Gbps core network

Fully redundant multi-drive storage technologies in both our datacentres.

Centralised backup system with disc arrays and tape libraries

Quelles différences entre IaaS et SaaS ?

Services IaaS SaaS
Continuous, real-time monitoring of infrastructures Option included Option included
Provision and management of hypervisors Option included Option included
Operating system management Option included Option included
Backup management Option included Option included
Client resource monitoring Option included Option included
Hotline and technical call-outs 24/7 Option included Option included
Licences (OS, hypervisors, shared platform, Microsoft) Option included Option included
Provision and management of business and office applications Option not available Option included
Implementation of metrics for supervision of applications Option not available Option included
Monitoring and dynamic management of client resources Option not available Option included
Operational continuity support for the client's environment Option not available Option included
Licences (Office 365, RDS, all tools related to application management) Option not available Option included

Third-party hosting, special deals for publishers

If you are a publisher or solutions provider start-up and are looking for a hosting service ?

Proginov will examine your partnership proposals and put forward relevant, bespoke solutions. Responsibilities are shared on a case-by-case basis, in line with the publisher's requirements. Proginov provides infrastructure packages with or without services to suit the client's needs.

A flexible offering that can be upgraded month by month. Proginov can also offer technical and commercial assistance and help with external communication (joint-marketing).

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