Optimise your office technology and messaging space

Office Technology

Track the volume archived:

  • The archived volume is identified, per gigabyte, regardless of production volume.


Automatic, periodic archiving of messages in an archive database

Indexed to facilitate searching

The archive can be viewed online (when connected to the Internet):

  • Unlike Outlook® data files (.pst), the online archive is accessible from any computer with internet access via Microsoft Outlook® or Outlook Web App (OWA)

Redundant and secure environment:
  • Your archives are stored in a special database in a redundant and secure environment.

Backup system

  • Automatic, centralised backup and archiving system
  • Daily backup to disk at each datacentre
  • Daily tape upload to a second datacentre
  • Backup media stored offsite in a safe
  • Standard 20-day backup policy




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