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Running a project requires an analysis of the specific functional and technical features of the customer company, and involves scheduling the various phases of implementation of the Proginov ERP. In order to respond to customer needs efficiently and proactively, Proginov as the project supervisor (PS) assigns project managers with experience in the customer's business sector.

The objective is therefore firstly to optimise the use of the product in its final environment and to identify deviations from users' expectations and target procedures. These deviations are analysed as and when they arise in order to determine:

  • The absolute necessity of the request,
  • The impact of carrying out the request on costs and lead-times.

This information will be taken into account when deciding whether or not to develop the missing feature as a customisation or to integrate it as standard. Only when every deviation has been dealt with and the whole system has been tested is the entire application validated.

This procedure can be broken down into chronological phases, with horizontal tasks of steering and change support.

  • Proginov project managers
    The project managers are the guarantors of the structure of the integration project, and the customer's exclusive point of contact.
  • Technical consultant
    Dedicated to the project, the technical consultant analyses the existing system, defines the architecture to be set up in conjunction with your departments, monitors the entire installation and transfers skills to your system administrators.
  • Account manager
    The account manager is dedicated to the follow-up of your project before and after kick-off.
  • Proginov employees
    More generally, other employees will be involved in the project, such as trainers, developers and telephone support staff.