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    Customer support

    Business project managers
    To identify its customers expectations precisely, Proginov calls upon business project managers who guide and advise companies in their decision-making and project implementation.

    The project method
    Because an IT project is vital for the long-term future of a business, Proginov strives to adhere to a strict project method, developed over the years with its customers.

    Scope and specification
    A project's success depends on the implementation of a method to suit the context. Taking into account the challenges for the company, and based on the expected functional and technical perimeter, the customer's teams and Proginov work together to define the project's objectives and the organisation required to achieve them.

    Detailed analysis
    The purpose of detailed analyses is to match the needs expressed with the Proginov ERP and define management solutions. This is one of the most crucial phases of the entire project determining its ultimate success.

    Design and customisation
    The setup of customer-specific features is carried out and then tested and validated in accordance with the functional and technical analysis documents.

    Future users are trained and involved in the different phases of the project. They are supported at all times by Proginov's teams, both on site and remotely. The aim is to achieve autonomy in production.

    Once the solution is up and running, an audit is carried out to ensure all of the project's objectives have been met. The customer is then supported by Proginov’s technical and functional assistance services.