Our social responsibility

Facts and figures

<1% employee turnover

+50% of employees received training in 2016

70% of managers were promoted internally

85% of employees are shareholders

97% of contracts are permanent (for those aged 25-30)

Human values

At Proginov, we think that the company's development goes hand-in-hand with the commitment and well-being of everyone who works here. Therefore, since it was founded (in 1996), Proginov has taken its social responsibility very seriously through an innovative social model with people at the heart of its strategy.

Proginov strives to provide ideal working conditions, prospects for progression within Proginov (70% of managers were promoted internally) and training (1 employee out of 2 received training in 2016). Hence, the company naturally retains its employees.

At Proginov, we believe in the talent of each and every one: 97% of recruitments are under open-ended contracts. Proginov allows all its employees to adopt a position within the company that reflects their career aspirations. Significant importance is attached to recognising the value of each individual, both in terms of professional expertise and human qualities. The company's corporate culture, underpinned by transparency and trust, conveys values that are fundamental to the maintenance of long-term stability in employment relations.

The wage policy aims to be fair and attractive, through responsible profit sharing with all employees. Proginov offers real job security and its staff turnover is less than 1%, making it an exception in the IT industry.

The company's share capital is fully owned by employees and the management. 85% of employees are company shareholders.