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    Easy access to your erp applications via the internet

    Proginov develops web applications directly connected to the ERP, which enables you to exchange real-time information from the Proginov ERP system with all those involved in your business processes, using just a web browser. This approach is compatible with all types of internet and extranet sites.


    Order entry from the Proginov websites allows your customers to place their orders on line using just a web browser. This e-commerce solution is based on Proginov's CMS system, fully integrated with the ERP programme. Real-time updating of your database is performed via your ERP system.
    These new operational profiles demand less technical expertise, simplifying the management of your online sales site, be it B2B, B2C, a simple showcase site or a portal to a centralised purchasing platform.

    Collaborative Web

    Proginov also creates web portals for various collaborative purposes.
    The aim is to allow your clients, suppliers, sub-contractors, accountants, logistical planners and financial partners to share information instantaneously with your teams, with the help of tools such as the web EDM tool, the commercial and industrial configurator and the web workflow module.

    Our HR portal also allows your employees to submit leave requests via a secure website, and consult their payslips.

    Accessible on the web

    BtoB and BtoC e-commerce

    Web Workflow