Proginov Cloud

Secure cloud

Facts and figures

100% redundancy (servers and backups, emergency generators, cooling systems, fibre optic links)

+850 servers

+790 hosted customer sites

+10,000 databases

100 Gbps bandwidth (data centre network core)

2001: first hosted customers

"With over 400 hosted customer environments to manage, availability is key. For example, we execute retail transaction processing systems, such as payment collection applications, which we have to ensure are completely reliable."

Philippe Plantive

IBM Flex System Find out about setting up IBM Flex System solutions as part of the Proginov Cloud.


The Proginov Cloud makes all of the integrated applications in its ERP system (and any additional collaboration tools) available to users. To achieve this, Proginov handles every possible technical and physical contingency, entirely transparently.

Server room management and organisation is the top priority, in order to ensure that customers' data remains available and secure.

Proginov attaches particular importance to the user experience, committed to delivering an impeccable level of service.

Because your data are critical, Proginov offers a responsible cloud solution integrating all aspects of critical and confidential data hosting. The added bonus of working with Proginov? Our Continuous Activity Plan (CAP) ensures that all of your data are backed up in real time in our two datacentres.


  • Fully redundant Tier III+ datacentres
  • Video surveillance 24/7
  • Dual Telecom feed
  • Servers managed in cluster or dynamic load balancing mode
  • Synchronously mirrored data
  • Highly qualified engineers


  • Datacentres in France
  • No third party or subcontracting
  • Double daily backup
  • Integrity of all system components during all processing phases


  • Proginov owns its infrastructure
  • Encrypted communications
  • Strong authentication


  • Traceability
  • Access management