Proginov Cloud


Facts and figures

100% of ERP applications available on the Proginov Cloud

100% redundancy (servers and backups, emergency generators, fibre optic links)

+600 customer environments managed

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Much more than just storage

There's more to hosting than meets the eye; it's not just data storage and archiving. At Proginov, we have been providing hosting services since 2001, when we first marketed our hosted ERP solution.

Our experience means that we can now offer a bundle of hosting solutions that can be scaled to meet your requirements, offering maximum security and availability.

Our range of hosting services, based on our fully redundant architecture, includes:

  • Customer business applications
  • Office technology applications
  • Messaging services
  • Daily backup strategy with media sent off-site
  • Flow and data encryption
  • Operator link(s)
  • EBICS electronic banking
  • Mobile replication solutions
  • Telecom network monitoring
  • Customer data archiving

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