Proginov Cloud

EDI Electronic Data Interchange

Automated information processing

Streamlining and automating information exchanges prevents data re-entry and the associated human errors. Processing costs are reduced as a result, and data interchange becomes more secure.

The standardised interchanges generated with EDI therefore make it easier to send and receive orders, delivery notes and invoices to and from suppliers, customers and banks, who will then be able to update their data in real time, with no paper, letters, faxes or human intervention.

The Proginov ERP system includes an EDI management module as standard. The settings screen can be used to activate and manage the different types of EDI flow necessary and view the associated histories.

The most common types of flow are standardised:

  • ORDERS: orders sent by your EDI customers.
  • ORDRSP: acknowledgements of receipt of ORDERS sent to EDI customers.
  • DESADV: despatch advice sent to your EDI customers.
  • INVOICE: invoices sent to your EDI customers.
  • ORDERSF: supplier orders